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Underwater exploration and Japanese fish discoveries

Underwater Exploration

A short and exciting tour to explore the life underwater and introduce you to typical Japanese fish in their natural habitat.

Yellowtail amberjack(Kampachi)

Kampachi, better known as Yellowtail amberjack, is a fish that migrates in schools until its weight reaches 4kg, after which the fish becomes solitary. The Kampachi can be found in tropical and temperate waters, but mostly in the south of the Tohoku region of Japan. This fish lives around rocky reefs at a depth of 10 to 150 meters. They prey on sardines as well as horse mackerel that live around high peaks. Whenever you spot a school of baitfish, you can be almost certain to find large predators such as Yellowtail amberjack in the area and the chances are particularly high when the baitfish are schools of sardines and horse mackerels…