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Underwater exploration and Japanese fish discoveries

Underwater Exploration

A short and exciting tour to explore the life underwater and introduce you to typical Japanese fish in their natural habitat.

Areolate grouper(Omonhata)

Omonhata is a fish living between 5 and 50 meters deep, in an area that extends from the Chiba Peninsula (near Tokyo) to the southwest of the archipelago. Unlike other "hata" species that live in steep reef bands, Omonhata lives near the base of small underwater structures and near gravel. The largest Omonhata can measure more than 50cm and are particularly tough to catch, even those of 30cm, which make them very popular among Rock Fish lovers. Omonhata has two major advantages. As explained above, this fish does not live near steep reefs and therefore there is little risk of breaking the line that would have got stuck between two rocks because of the current. The other advantage is its unique taste, which is becoming more and more popular.