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Underwater exploration and Japanese fish discoveries

Underwater Exploration

A short and exciting tour to explore the life underwater and introduce you to typical Japanese fish in their natural habitat.

Japanese Barracuda(Kamasu)

Kamasu (Japanese Barracudas) are a gregarious fish species that swim in schools. These fish can swim 5m under the sea surface or dive more than 200m to catch their prey, which mainly consists of sardines.
One of the main characteristics of these fish is that they form large schools that move very quickly to escape predators. Although it is easy to detect a school of Kamasu with a fish finder, due to its size, their very high moving speed requires to anticipate their movement and place the bait in their swimming path before they come. Thus, it is advisable to quickly drop the bait, especially when these fish are at great depths near the seabed. If you use a fishing rod with several hooks, it is recommended to wait until most of the hooks have caught their fish rather than pull out the fishing rod as soon as the first fish is hooked. In addition, if fish swim in the upper layers, near the surface, and you have the opportunity to visually check their presence, you can predict more easily their trajectory and therefore catch them, using lures.