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Underwater exploration and Japanese fish discoveries

Underwater Exploration

A short and exciting tour to explore the life underwater and introduce you to typical Japanese fish in their natural habitat.

Red seabream(Madai)

Madai, or Red seabream, typically swim from the bottom of the sea to the upper layers (mainly the middle layers), but depending on the target bait, they may swim even closer to the surface. Small Madai tend to move in groups, but as they grow older, they move alone. They are very easy to catch with a fish finder, no matter how deep they swim.
At the time this video was shot, the Madai emerged from the middle layer and approached the young Japanese Chicken grunt that were gathering in schools around higher reefs. were they swimming slowly because they didn’t want to reveal their presence to the group of preys? Or was it because they were waiting for the right moment to attack? The reason is not clear, however, when a Madai approached, the Chicken grunt quickly got away to avoid the predator.
With a fish finder, a school of small fish can be displayed as a single large echo on the screen, but when it is only one fish, even a large one like a big Red seabream, the fish finder will often display only a small echo the size of a dot on the screen. When searching for a solitary fish, keep in mind that it will be represented by a dot and you must be careful not to overlook these small dots on your screen.