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Underwater exploration and Japanese fish discoveries

Underwater Exploration

A short and exciting tour to explore the life underwater and introduce you to typical Japanese fish in their natural habitat.

Japanese chicken grunt(Isaki)

The Isaki, or Japanese Chicken Grunt is a schooling fish found around rocks at a depth of 10 to 50m. It is often seen near the Japanese coast south of the Tohoku region (east of Japan). Although the Maaji, or "Japanese Horse Mackerel" occupies the same kind of environment, the Maaji can be fished in medium depth areas (150m) while the Isaki will only be found near the coast at a shallow depth.
In the first part of the video, we see Isaki of a size of 20 cm forming a large fish school. On the other hand, the second part of this video shows larger Isaki (about 30 cm) forming smaller schools. It seems that there is a correlation between the fish size and school size. The largest are most often found in the gaps between two reefs or below one. In this case, the ultrasonic waves transmitted by the transducer can be blocked by the relief and does not allow to clearly confirm the presence of Isaki. That is why, it is always possible to find Isaki even though their echo does not appear on the screen and you have no proof of their presence.