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Grouper vol.1

Grouper vol.1 By utilizing both BDS and ACCU-FISH™, the accuracy of your guess gets exponentially better.

What can we learn from this fish finder screen?

This screenshot was taken with the boat slowly drifting due to wind and waves, at a speed of 0.2 knots. We used sea anchor to stabilize our boat. The fish finder was set to transmit at 200 kHz.

Fish finder screen explained

  • Water depth: 33.9 m
  • Height difference: Drastic change from flat seabed to uneven seabed
  • Bottom structure: A combination of mud to rocks
  • Fish school echo: Around boundary of height difference

Today’s game field was located on a rocky uneven seabed.

The catch of the day was Grouper.
Typically, Groupers are likely to live in rocky reef areas. Using our Bottom Discrimination (BDS) mode makes it easier to find a potential fishing hot spot with knowledge of the seabed structure. Utilizing our digital Fish Finder, it searches out the Grouper and offers high definition clear images, making identifying the game much easier.

This fish finder screen has been shot with ACCU-FISH™ on, so you can see red marks which indicates individual fish and their size (in centimeters).

There are a few individual fish indicated near the border of the reef area, where we see the numbers “46”, “43”, “32”, and “28”. There is a good chance that Grouper might be here. USER TIP: The number “86” might not be a credible number. Additionally there is “12” near the mark, which may indicate that this is a school fish, not individual fish. The Fish Finder misreading the school of fish as a big individual fish is possible. However, if it was not a school of fish, then it might just be a really big fish.

When using ACCU-FISH™,remember that these are suggested sizes and are not necessarily the literal sizes. ACCU-FISH™ offers the best guess of the situation beneath your boat, but it still requires your interpretation to determine what you are really seeing. The more you use it, the better you will get at interpreting the data, which will result in more efficient fishing on your next outing.

  • Grouper vol.1 Grouper is delicious when steamed with Chinese spices.
  • Grouper vol.1 Groupers often hide behind the rocks. In this case they do not appear on the fish finder screen but BDS and seabed structure would be help.

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Writer introduction

Nobuaki Ono, FURUNO field tester.

DAIWA field tester, Writer at Boat Club, a monthly Japanese boating publication

Nobuaki is a hobby angler who travels around Japan together with his beloved car-top boat Tomoe-maru. With a keen interest in fishing as well as scuba diving, he has gained a substantial amount of knowledge in how to utilize fish finders to the fullest. Nobuaki regularly holds well-attended training courses in the use of fish finders, as well as being a proponent for proper sea manners and safety at sea. Sharing his knowledge is a passion for Nobuaki, and he manages his own homepage as well as being a sought after writer in Japanese boating publications.