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Catching up with fish


What can we learn from this Fish Finder screen?

Anchovy These two big echoes were both Anchovy fish schools.

This screenshot was taken when the boat was drifting at a speed of 0.2 knots. The Fish Finder was set to transmit at 200 kHz.

Fish finder screen explained

  • Depth: 34.5 m
  • Bottom composition: sand
  • Seabed structure: flat

Before getting on the tips on how to catch the Anchovy, let's practice reading the Fish Finder screen.

The Fish Finder images get refreshed from the right edge of the screen and flows to the left as time goes. This means all the echoes you can see on the left of the screen are past images. Therefore, with a Fish Finder, you can see the underwater echoes that your boat has already passed.

Let’s get back to the Fish Finder screen above. You can see two big echoes representing the fish schools. The left one has already passed the boat, but you will note that the other fish school is on the right edge of the screen which means it is located right under the boat.

This is the time to talk about the "A-scope" function. "A-scope" is a function that tells the strength of an echo as you can see at the right edge of the Fish Finder screen. This helps you seize the current echo information visually. In ordinal settings, the Fish Finder screen flows from right to left so you usually notice that there was a fish school after you went over the fish school. However, with the A-scope function, you will be able to get real-time information about the echoes located right under your boat.

Soon after seeing this fish school echo, we dropped the bait into the water. Then a 13 cm size Anchovy got caught on the hook. When using the ACCU-FISH™ function, it is good to know that the Fish Finder tends to show the size of the fish a bit bigger than the actual fish size due to their higher density.

Since many kinds of fish such as Migratory fish, tilefish, and Olive flounder, are common prey for Anchovy, you can anticipate bigger catch if you know the habit of the Anchovy and follow them.

  • Anchovy The Anchovy can either be directly enjoyed or reused as baits
  • Anchovy The "A-scope" function is very useful to know the underwater situation right under your boat.

Writer introduction

Nobuaki Ono, FURUNO field tester.

DAIWA field tester, Writer at Boat Club, a monthly Japanese boating publication

Nobuaki is a hobby angler who travels around Japan together with his beloved car-top boat Tomoe-maru. With a keen interest in fishing as well as scuba diving, he has gained a substantial amount of knowledge in how to utilize fish finders to the fullest. Nobuaki regularly holds well-attended training courses in the use of fish finders, as well as being a proponent for proper sea manners and safety at sea. Sharing his knowledge is a passion for Nobuaki, and he manages his own homepage as well as being a sought after writer in Japanese boating publications.